Sustainability Consulting

Competitive advantages by identifying and improving Corporate Sustainability

The demand for more sustainable business is constantly increasing, as is the number of different initiatives, regulations and approaches with which companies need to align for sustainability.

In order to secure the future business, companies need to respond quickly by committing to relevant sustainability initiatives, setting realistic emissions reduction goals and making strategic decisions regarding further steps.

With our expert guidance on sustainability performance improvement, you can assess the current and future sustainability of your products, your operations and your overall plan for a more sustainability business.

  • Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040 and 14044)
  • EPD Report (International EPD System)
  • Assessment on Carbon Footprint / Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions 
  • Transition to Net Zero Carbon
  • Sustainability Reporting (GRI Standards)

Using industry-specific data and leading software tools we help you improve the sustainability performance of your products and operations, reducing their negative impacts on the environment while boosting efficiencies and your position in the competitive marketplace.

Whether you wish to outsource your sustainability, receive in-house training or establish a sustainability team, we adjust to your needs.

Product Life Cycle
LCA Study and EPD Process
Towards Carbon Neutrality