Why your factory needs natural ventilation?


In most modern industrial facilities, keeping the space cool for employees often means installing powered exhaust fans. It seems practical enough, buy some fans to cool your building. However, further research will show that it is one of the more impractical methods for keeping an industrial building cool. Instead, natural ventilation is a classic method, but it is still very effective today. The following is a few reasons why your factory needs natural ventilation:

  • It always keeps the air circulating inside of your facility, which keeps the inside comfortable no matter how hot it is outside
  • A natural ventilator will never need maintenance and there is no worry about the system breaking down
  • It always works, rain or shine, day or night, and even if there is a power outage. A natural flow will keep the air circulating at all times
  • This ventilation is self-adjusting. The hotter the air inside, the more airflow there will be. On cooler days, there will be less airflow and you’ll never have to turn on an exhaust fan to expel stale or stuffy air in any situation
  • The most important thing is that industrial buildings have a large amount of excess heat inside the factory from production activities

That is why industrial factories attach importance to and often use natural ventilation. ISD Team specializes in providing natural solutions for industrial facilities and we use CFD simulation to predict the results of solutions. ISD is one of the companies capable of simulating CFDs at a precise level, having done CFD simulation and consulting the ventilation system with the strict requirements from the owner.

Posted on
December 28, 2020